Wedding Guestbook Alternatives


Traditional guestbooks can start to get boring after a while, so for those of you who want a new way to remember your guests here are some of our ideas to create an alternative guestbook to always recall the people who came to celebrate your special day with you.


1. Jenga Guestbook: Jenga guestbooks are SO much fun. All you need is a couple sets of the game “Jenga” and you’re all set! After the wedding you can organize them in your house, or just keep them for fun! They are very inexpensive and fun for everyone!


2. Framed Guestbook! We love this idea because it is so simple and so elegant. All you need is a glass boxed frame with an opening at the top. Then you can choose any wood object of your choice (hearts, keys, circles, etc). And you’re done! This is a great keepsake because after the wedding you can hang it up in your house and remember all the loved ones who celebrated with you.


3. Cork Guestbook! For all of you wine lovers out there this is excellent for your wedding guestbook! All you need is to order (or collect) some wine corks and a decorative bowl to put them in, and there you have it! After the wedding you can use the corks to make a decorative frame or even a wreath out of the corks! Perfect for a rustic or italian wedding.


4. Bible Guestbook! For those who want a more traditional and religious wedding, a different variation of a guestbook could be to have your guests highlight their favorite verse and sign their name next to it. This way the couple can look back on the verses and remember their loved ones.


5. Picture Guestbook! Instead of something written, have your guests take a photo at your photobooth or with a polaroid camera! That way you can capture all of your guests and have a beautifully put together picture guest book to flip through.


Comment below your ideas of an alternative guestbook!

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