Fun Wedding Ideas for Coffee Lovers!

Attention Coffee lovers!! Our fabulous find this week is some awesome ways to integrate different aspects of coffee into your wedding! Whether it be coffee decorations, specialty coffee drinks, or the perfect coffee gift for your wedding registry, there is always a way to incorporate coffee into your wedding day. Many of these ideas work perfectly with more rustic style weddings. But even if you are having a glam wedding, you can still throw in some fun coffee aspects. The other great thing about using coffee in your wedding is that it is generally a cheap DIY decoration or gift. Not only that, but it is also something that almost all people will use.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker: If you and your hubby have gotten really into the cold brew trend this 2016, this is the perfect gift to add to your registry.


Pick your favorite coffee flavor and use it as your take home gift! Because who doesn’t love coffee?


Make a Coffee Bar! Add your favorite flavors, syrups, and liquors.


Ask for a French Press! This coffee maker might seem weird if you’ve never used it before. However, it makes some of the best cups of coffee! You won’t be disappointed!


Use coffee beans for some of your decorations! These are more rustic yet still classy and add a nice perfume to the room. c4c88abf551b4bbd4250a03195d191b7


However you choose to incorporate coffee, it will definitely add some character and uniqueness to your wedding!

Comment and share your favorite coffee ideas below!


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