Wedding Program Ideas

Many brides have spent so much time and effort making the perfect save the dates, taking the most beautiful engagement photos, and constructing the ideal wedding invitation. But why stop there? The wedding program of the ceremony and reception is just as important!

We’ve found some excellent designs for alternative wedding program ideas. Many needed to be designed or coordinated with your wedding planner, however some of these can even be a DIY project!

  1. I absolutely love this one, the Photo Booth pictures are perfectly paired with the simplicity of the program.

  2. This one is so cute and very easy to read, I also like how it includes their wedding hashtag and a thank you!

  3. This wedding program booklet is absolutely perfect. It looks like they included info on the ceremony and reception which can always be helpful if they are in 2 separate venues. Plus, you can use your very beautiful engagement photos!

  4. This unique one is awesome too! I personally love how it gives some fun facts on the bride and groom and the title of each person of the wedding party. 

  5. This design is cute and summer-y, but what I like the most about it is the practicality. It is a fan and a wedding program which is very helpful for hot summer weddings!

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