Wedding Spotlight: Tad and Amber

On October 5th, my older sister married the man of her dreams. I may be a bit biased when speaking about this, but her wedding was absolutely perfect. This couple’s day felt like their entire relationship wrapped up into one event. I don’t know how she did it, but Amber was perfectly calm the entire day leading up to her wedding. Sure, the months of planning were very stressful, but by the time their big day was here, Amber seemed to not have a single worry on her mind.

Amber is pretty much the Martha Stewart of Pinterest, too. So all of her DIY projects were as cute as can be. Succulents, window panes, and gold were some of the main themes of her night, which helped to add to their timeless and effortless looking big day. Adding to that, the bridal party all wore different shades of blush, and the groomsmen wore dark brown and navy- colors that look beautiful on everyone. What is a better feeling of feeling and looking beautiful? Especially on a day as special as theirs! Nothing.

Amber and Tad met when they were in the eighth grade and have been together ever since. Their relationship didn’t focus on putting each other before one another every day. Their relationship focused on putting God and their faith as their main priority every day. Every morning they woke up making the choice to love one another, but they also woke up every morning making the choice to love and follow God. Making this choice at the forefront of their relationship played into their big day- not only did the decor look amazing, but the entire wedding had a feeling of serenity and calmness, similar to their relationship.

Olivia Salzwedel from Olivia Strohm Photography photographed the ceremony and the reception, perfectly capturing every detail of their big day. To use her services for your big day or other event- contact her via her website here! Also, not only is she the best photographer I’ve ever met- she has a way with words, read her blog post on my sister’s wedding here!

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