Wedding Theme: Valentines Day

One of the most romantic days of the year is only a few days away. Make sure you have your chocolate and flowers ready because Valentines Day is right around the corner. Valentines Day is a day to celebrate the love you have in your life. Whether that be between partners or a parent and child all love should be celebrated and imbraced on this day. In honor of Valentines Day we have come up with some really cute wedding ideas to make your wedding Valentines Day themed.

Color Scheme

Your color scheme will be the biggest indicator that your wedding is Valentines Day themed. We have come up with two great color scheme options. The first option is for the bride that wants darker tones and some dramatic accents by combining a deep red, gold, and black. The deep red allows your guests to understand the theme and the gold and black allow for a more traditional look all around. The second option is for the bride that wants a more delicate and subtle theme by combining shades of blush pink. This clearly portrays the theme yet allows for a less traditional and more free spirit feel. This scene also goes well with white and gold accents throughout.

                                   Option 1

                                                 Option 2


Your cake is also a great way to show off your Valentines day theme. Depending on your color scheme there are endless options. If you are sticking with the deep red a great way to decorate your cake is with roses. It gives it a very clean simple and elegant look. Though if you are looking for going all out with the theme you can use your cake to add elements like pink hearts and arrows!


The location of your wedding can also have a huge impact on the theme. Churches tend to come with a more traditional feel, the woods have a more rustic feel, and beaches are often associated with romance. So why not have your romantic Valentines Day themed wedding be on the beach. It will go perfect with the light pink color scheme and will lend itself to a less traditional wedding.


The food you serve at the reception can also be a huge indicator of the theme. Luckily there are endless options with a Valentines Day Theme. A great finger food to have at the reception is strawberry kabobs. They are super easy and cheap to make and they also have a more romantic feel to them. You can also do lots and lots of hearts. Everything from cookies to finger sandwiches can be made it heart shapes.

Wedding Favors

Your wedding favors are the last chance you will get to cement your wedding theme with your guests. A great and simple way to do this is with cookies. They can be made into hearts and you can even have writing on them. Anything from your names to the date of the wedding can be put on top. It is also really cute to give them multiple cookies each with something different written at the top.


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