Wedding Themes: Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and winter wedding season is about to be in full swing. For those of you who love Christmas we have some up with some super cool thinks that you can add to your wedding to make it Christmas themed! Themed wedding can be difficult to do while still making sure you wedding has an elegant feel so we are here to help!


Your wedding colors are a huge way that you can incorporate a Christmas theme into your wedding. A deep red and a nice forest green are a great way to achieve this while keeping is elegant. Having your bridesmaids wear the red is the perfect way to show off your theme in your wedding photos.

You can also have your husband-to-be wear a red tie to tie the look together. Another option is to have the groomsmen wear the red ties if you want your husband-to-be to wear the classic black tie look to create a more elegant feel.



Ornaments are the perfect thing to add to your wedding decorations to go along with a Christmas themed wedding. One great place to use them is as seat assignments. There are so many ways to DIY your ornaments into place cards so they match your color scheme as well as the feel that you are going for. You can choose to have two if you would like as well. One for the table assignments and one for the seat assignments as each table. It all depends on how strict you want your seating chart to be.


Another great place to incorporate ornaments into your wedding is when you ask your bridesmaids. If you know that your wedding is going to be around the holidays and that you are going to make is christmas themed you can use ornaments to ask them to be your bridesmaids. This way they will always have something special to remind them of your wedding


Lastly, you can also use ornaments to create a fun guest book. You can put a bunch of ornaments on a christmas tree and have sharpies that your friends and family can use to sign the ornaments creating a super cute guest book.


Your invitations are the perfect place to show off your Christmas theme. There are so many cute ways that you can design your invitations and save the dates so they go along with your theme. This is the perfect place to set the tone of the wedding.


Your wedding cake is another thing that you can use to show off your Christmas theme. One great way of doing this is having red and white snowflakes on your wedding cake. This way you can go with the color scheme as well as the theme but you are not making is cheesy by putting santa on top.





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