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We have recently discovered Weddington Way. If you haven’t visited this site or heard of it before this post, listen up. This is about to change the way you view trying on and buying dresses for the rest of your life. Unlike other website that allow you to filter designs and styles before buying a dress you honestly have no idea how it fits or what it looks like on a normal sized human being, Weddington Way allows you to discuss every aspect of their bridesmaid dresses in real time with other customers and the people who manage their site! On top of this, Weddington Way will send you dresses to try on- allowing you to truly try before you buy. How amazing is this site?

Weddington Way charges a $10 per try on, but will credit your account with up to $30 if you end up purchasing one of the dresses you tried on! So worth it! Once you find a dress that you are happy with, you can either choose to work with Weddington Way designers to get your perfect fit, or you can use their in depth measurement system to buy a dress that is almost guaranteed to fit you like a glove. If other sites went this route, it would be almost unheard of to buy a dress that didn’t fit you just right. Another amazing perk Weddington Way offers is their wonderful return system. If you end up hating your dress, find that it doesn’t fit you right, or notice that there is some damage to it, let Weddington Way know and you can ship it back (for free!) with no questions asked.

And because Weddington Way loves everyone in the wedding party, they even offer tux and suit rentals for the groom and the groomsmen.

If there is one site that we NEED you to check out…today….right this moment, it is Weddington Way.

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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All photos courtesy of: Weddington Way

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