What is your birth flower?


FLOWERS! They are some of the main decorations for every wedding, and we’ve found a really cool way to help you pick the perfect flowers! Like birthstones, birth flowers are given to each month of the year. Each flower is a symbol and has a certain meaning to it. When picking wedding flowers, something to consider would be using your birth flower and the birth flower of your fiancé. It is very symbolic and can help a lot when trying to pick the perfect wedding flowers.

Pro tip: Always remember to consider your wedding color palette and see if your birth flower will fit. Luckily, many of these flowers come in variety of colors!


January | Carnations 

Carnations symbolize love, distinction, and fascination.

bouquet pink red carnation


February | Violet 

Violets symbolize modesty, distinction, and virtue. 



March | Daffodil 

Daffodils are the symbol of spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, and vanity. 



April | Sweet Pea 

The Sweet Pea is a symbol of good-bye or blissful pleasure. 



May | Lily of the Valley 

The Lily of the Valley is symbolic of happiness, humility, and sweetness. 



June | Rose 

The beautiful Rose is a symbol of love, gratitude, passion, and appreciation for others. 



July | Larkspur 

The Larkspur represents strong bonds of love. Purple specifically signifies ones first love. 



August | Gladiolus

The strong Gladiolus represents an incredible moral integrity. 



September | Aster 

The cute Aster flower is a symbol of patience, daintiness and remembrance. 



October | Marigold 

The bright and vibrant Marigold represents winning grace, protection, comfort, and healing. 



November | Chrysanthemum 

The Chrysanthemum is a symbol of cheerfulness, friendship, and abundance. The white Chrysanthemum specifically represents innocence. 



December | Poinsettia 

This famous Poinsettia is a representation of good cheer and success. The Poinsettia is known for sending the message “You are the special one.” 



What is your birth flower? Comment and Share Below!

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