What Silhouette Is Best For You?

Starting to look at wedding dresses can be just as daunting as it is exciting! There are so many styles and various shades of white to sort through! Here are some important things that every bride-to-be should know prior to going out and starting your search. First familiarize yourself with the various silhouettes. There are 7 basic silhouettes that every bride should know: Ball gown, A-line, sheath, fit-and-flair, empire waist, dropped waist, and tea length. Second keep an open mind during your first bridal fitting and try on one of each silhouette to see what style you like the best on you! Lastly, pick something that YOU love because in the end you will be the one wearing it while you walk down the aisle!

Check out our website for our wide variety of discounted wedding dresses! We have many styles in many different sizes to fit every bride! Keep in mind while trying on dresses that different designers tend to size their dresses differently so we also provide the “street” size on most of our dresses. The “street” size refers to your everyday size, such as the size you buy when you go to stores such as Ann Taylor and Macy’s! Here are some dresses we have for sale right now so be sure to go check them out before they are gone!

Ball Gown, Size: 10, “Street” size: 6, $3,600

A-Line, Size:4, “Street” Size: 4, $950

Sheath, Size: 10, “Street” Size: 10, $800

Fit and Flair – Mermaid- , Size: 20, “Street” Size: 12, $2,000

Empire waist, Size: 4, “Street” Size: 4, $550

Dropped Waist, Size: 10, $1199

Tea-length, Size: 4, “Street” Size: 6, $450

Comment what styles you like best!

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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. I think every girl growing up pictures what they want their wedding dress to look like, however as soon as you start shopping its important to recognise that your dream dress might not be the best dress for you.

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