When Your Wedding Dress Finds You

Although I couldn’t possibly post my wedding dress online before it’s big debut on our wedding day, I can talk about the details of where it came from. It’s actually a funny story, as I wasn’t even shopping for myself on the day I purchased it. One of my bridesmaids was in town and we decided to go to a local boutique that specializes in bridesmaid’s dresses… and that is where we found my dress. Just like many things in life, it found me when I wasn’t looking.

Flutter boutique is located in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN and primarily focuses on bridesmaid’s dresses but does carry menswear, accessories, and, you guessed it, a small selection of wedding gowns. The staff was absolutely lovely and we received no pressure to make decisions whatsoever. The space was filled with beautiful gowns in all sorts of styles and made me want to be a bridesmaid just so I could try them all on. The dressing room was conveniently large and the attendants very helpful. Overall, I had an exceptional experience and what proved it was that I walked out with a beautiful wedding dress.

Again, we originally went to Flutter to find for my friend who is in my wedding, but when I realized that they carried bridal gowns I of course started grabbing things to try on. Out of the six dresses I tried on, I loved four of them (not a bad percentage if you ask me). After admitting my love for all four the next important factor came into play… price. After taking a look at all the price tags, I was happy to see that my favorite dress happened to be the least expensive one! The final price of my selection (a full length, lace, A-line wedding gown with a court length train) ended up costing *Drumroll please* … $99.00! Although I do have to get it taken in a bit and have to repair a small tear near the zipper, I must say I got a deal!

I love the fact that I found a beautiful gown that made me feel gorgeous for a very reasonable price. I knew that from the start I didn’t want to invest a ton of money into a dress that I would only wear once. I would rather spend any additional money on making the event more enjoyable for our guests and us.

I can’t wait until I am able to show you all my wedding gown, but that will have to wait until September 1…. 108 days to go!

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