Why You Need to Splurge on Wedding Flowers!

Guest blogging for us today is Jen Kessler, wedding blogger from NW Wedding Blog. She features real weddings from the great Northwest.

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DIY is a great and creative way to save on the wedding day essentials. It’s tempting to DIY your wedding decorations, especially on the big budget killer – the wedding flowers. I know because I was tempted myself, and for my own wedding, I skimped on the florist. However, I want to encourage all of you Bravo Brides to invest in a good florist. DIY decorations and other elements are fine, and I truly love those unique touches that add that extra special something, but unless you or a close friend is a florist, do not try to do them yourself. Only an experienced floral designer can create beautiful and exquisite designs.

It’s your big day, after all! Splurge on the fine details. Flowers add that extra touch to the big wedding day. From the bouquet you hold, to the centerpieces on the tables, everyone will notice. There are so many creative ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding day. My favorite trend is the floral wreath which is worn on the bride’s and even the bridesmaids’ head. Flowers give the wedding décor life and enthusiasm! Recently, I saw these great floral wreaths draped over the backs of chairs. And you can even decorate the wedding aisle with the wreaths, as well. A big, luscious centerpiece goes a long way in decorating the tabletops. After that, there’s not much else that you necessarily have to do besides choosing the linens. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the floral décor. I once heard it said that overdoing one thing is kind of like not overdoing it. Get creative! Fill empty spaces and counter-tops with vibrant flowers.

Here are a few examples of some of my favorite Northwest floral designers and different ways in which you can use flowers to decorate your wedding.

1. Floral Headpiece

Photo From Brown Butter Photo

2. Floral Necklace

Photo From Finch and Thistle Blog

3. The Bouquet

Photo From Mckenzie Powell Designs

4. Reception Decor

Photo From Sinclair and Moore

5. Along the Wall

Photo From Stacy Anderson Design

6. Chair Decor

Photo from Swoon Floral Design

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