Eco-friendly Petal Aisle Runner/confetti, 1lb


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  • Eco-friendly Petal Aisle Runner/confetti, 1lb
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Dissolvable Eco-Friendly Confetti Rose Petals, 1 Pound Bulk. We purchased these wonderful Eco-friendly Confetti for our sensitive venue. We opened the bag but ended up completely forgot about using it, so all petals are still brand new. -Vanishing Confetti Petals for Sensitive Venues, Bagged Loose. -Rose-shaped, satin-white rose petals dissolve in water. -Beach weddings, creekside parties, garden venues - all of these event sites need special care. While 100% of this products are biodegradable, such especially sensitive environments call for water-soluble effects. -These gorgeous, die-cut petals are cut from satin-white rice paper. Drop them from a balcony. Launch them with a cannon right after ceremony/wedding concluded. Sprinkle them over your tables or aisle. Your guests will be thrilled and your beautiful photographs. The rice paper will dissolve in water - so any that falls in the ocean, creek, river, lagoon, or pool will simply disappear. In gardens, irrigation sprinkles or hose watering will do the same.


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