Artificial Dove, Bird


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Dee the Flocked White Dove 18 Inch (1 pc) Dee the Flocked White Dove is our Largest Dove. She has all white feathers on her body and sweet black round eyes. She is 18" from her beak to the tip of her tail feather. Each of her wings are 10 1/2" (from the tip of her feathers to where her wing meets her body). Her length of her body (from her head to her bottom) is 10" and 4" in width. She is posed in flight with wings that adjust. She has wire on her feet for easy attachment to any design. Dee is $13.45 each with a minimum of 1 piece. Dee is one of our best selling Doves and Birds. ? Size 18" ? Includes 1 piece ? Wire for attachment ? SKU B118 B118 Price: $13.45



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