Gold Wooden Signage And Table Numbers


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  • Gold Wooden Signage And Table Numbers
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Metallic Vintage Gold painted wooden table numbers (1-5) and additional signage. These are priced to sell as a group or can be sold separately or in smaller groups. Please contact me directly. - Most items stand on their own without a breeze or anything tipping them over easily. - "Guestbook" sign does not stand on its own due to how delicate it is. - "Find your seat" sign comes with an additional wooden piece to allow it to stand on its own. SIZES OF EACH ITEM: Table Numbers: 6" tall, 1" thick Cards: 3.75" tall x 8.5" long and 3/4" thick so that it will stand on it's own without need for support or a base. Mr and Mrs: 6.5" tall - 1" thick - spans about 36" when side by side Drinks: 5.5" tall, 18" wide - 3/4" thick Love: 8" tall, 1" thick - Stands on own and will not fall over! Guestbook: 3" tall x 13" wide x 1/4" thick. This item is not freestanding. Find Your Seat: 11" tall x 13" wide (wood is 1/4" thick) and includes an additional piece so the entire sign stands up ADDITIONAL INFO: I've provided the link from the original Etsy vendor in case you'd like to order more than the 5 table numbers I am offering and so you can see additional photos:



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