Ivory Floral Sash


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  • 2017
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  • Ivory Floral Sash
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This is a new, un-altered wedding dress belt/sash that I purchased for my wedding. The sash is quite long so it can be tied around the back in a decorative bow, tailored to clasp together (buttons included), or even sewn into the dress. I looked at a LOT of belts, since they seemed to be the perfect finishing touch of detail or sparkle to finish off any wedding dress. Many of the belts I tried on were very busy, or seemed overly heavy with beading (especially silver beads, which looked gray and dull next to the blush pink and ivory of my dress), and as a result attracted unwanted attention to my mid-section. What I loved about this belt was that it was light, bright and airy, and also could be worn either centered or asymetrical, so it seemed to be the most complimentary to the lace on my dress. The only reason I decided not to wear the belt was because the lace on my dress was a bit on the larger side, and I felt in the end that the lace details were "enough" to stand alone and without accessories.


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