30 Beautiful Fountain Centerpieces


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  • 30 Beautiful Fountain Centerpieces
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These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL fountains. I bought them for a venue that we didn't use, so I have only opened one. These fountains come with river rocks for each one. They run silently on two AA batteries, not included. Need 4 tea lights, not included. Base is 6 7/16" square and it is 7 1/8" tall. It is recommended to use distilled water with the fountains, but for only one night it wouldn't matter. It is a really beautiful piece that would look great on a table with flowers around it. Add more rocks if you would like more of a "babbling brooke" sound effect, but you cannot hear the mechanism of the fountain. They could also be spray painted (maybe gold) for a less rustic look. Also would make an amazing gift for those who help with the wedding! I purchased 30 of these for $20 each. I am selling them for $15 each, or $12 if you buy 10 or more. Buy all 30 and they are only $10 each! I will ship anywhere in the US, buyer responsible for shipping costs.


Anywhere in the U.S. - buyer pays for shipping. I am in Portland, Oregon and am willing to discuss local pick up if you are able to be in the Portland area. Please message me with questions.

All sales are final, no refunds


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