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My wife and I got married a couple of months ago and we used the following centerpiece setup. Each centerpiece consist of a 12" round mirror, 3 vases (6", 8", and 11" high...all with 3" circumference). Our theme was "the beach" and so we scattered sea shells around each setting and table. We also filled each vase with water and placed 3" floating candles inside. The candles are NOT included as they were used up. We have 12 identical sets all in great condition. The vases and mirrors are all packed in the original packaging for easy transport and the sea shells are all in a box (see photo). The photos are from the wedding, so you can see just how nice this looks!


Anywhere in the US. Shipping cost will be determined based on your location. The entire contents of the centerpieces comes in about 6 boxes, so the cost will include shipping on each individual box.



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