12 Floral Lantern Centerpieces (dusty Blue, Mauve, And White) Homemade


$ 350.00
  • 45 each
  • 2019
  • $770.00
  • 12 Floral Lantern Centerpieces (dusty Blue, Mauve, And White) Homemade
  • Table Centerpiece
  • Yes
  • Yes

Can sell all as a whole or each separately . Homemade Dusty blue, dusk/dusty lavender and white flowers. Made these as our centerpieces for our wedding this past August 2018. Each one is slightly different in its own way! -Candles are battery powered and each one does have batteries I put in each one and so the candles do turn on and work. -Brand new condition only used for wedding. -Flower ring is attached to the lantern so they are one piece and can be moved as one piece I have 10 pieces total I?m selling . Each single centerpiece cost me about $55 make - Floral material cost me about $40 for each (not including the lanterns ) - the lanterns cost me $12 for each lantern - and about $10 for all of the batteries They cost me in total about $770 to make these 14 and that?s not including labor . So I am already coming off the price a good bit, and they are in great if not perfect condition ! So price is slightly firm. Selling all together for $400 Will sell separately tho for $45 each. Giving more of a discount/ deal for buying them as a whole.


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