Elaborate Custom Fairy Tale Table Centerpiece & 10-piece Table Setting


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  • 2018
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  • Elaborate Custom Fairy Tale Table Centerpiece & 10-piece Table Setting
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It's been called beautiful, spectacular, exquisite, jaw-dropping ... and now it's FOR SALE. See video at: https://youtu.be/Zy66VX8FDRU Additional photos at: http://sherritilley.com/articles/2018/custom-made-table-centerpiece-decorations-and-place-settings.html Free shipping within 100-mile radius of Dallas, Texas. The custom hand-crafted fairy tale centerpiece that was all the rage at the 2018 Krewe de Etoile Mardi Gras Gala Masquerade is now FOR SALE and includes a full table-setting package consisting of the custom-made lighted centerpiece itself, 18 beautiful battery-operated candles with batteries, plates and chargers, cloth napkins, napkin decorations, chair decorations, name card holders, extra bird ornaments, additional shatterproof ornaments, and a large storage container all for $750 plus shipping with free delivery to approved locations within a 100-mile radius of Dallas, Texas. Because of its Cinderella-type theme, the elaborate piece of custom artwork can be used for a holiday table decoration, birthday party, or wedding reception. Three integrated base-level sections include an embellished metal carriage and accompanying shoe feature, a mermaid statue with masquerade mask, and a real storybook display with pop-up elements. The floating foam-core base structure is meticulously adorned along the bottom edge with ribbon, beads, and simulated-crystal reflective trim. 30 feet of thin-wire micro LED ?fairy? lights wind through the glittering leafage, and three gold-emblazoned battery-operated pillar candles light the bottom level. 15 elegant mesh-covered battery-operated votive candles are also included for placement in and around the structure. The entire unit can also easily be placed on a Lazy Susan type device which would provide the ability to rotate at will. The beautiful center column which sits amidst colorful shatterproof ornaments consists of seven layers of ribbon, beading, and other resources. The centerpiece is topped with three adjustable golden bird ornaments and a sparkle-enhanced bronze-colored metal crown containing green glittery wreath material, gold beads, and three moveable disco ball ornaments. The Cinderella-type lighted metal carriage is filled with flowers and topped with a navy blue peacock and added turquoise feathers. A heeled slipper shoe rests alongside draped in beads with a gold sparkly butterfly floating beside. A delightful ceramic mermaid statue sits amid a decorated wreath, atop a small stack of gift boxes decorated with feathers and glittered accents, and adjacent to full-size richly-painted Mardi Gras mask which seems to float mid-air. Finally, the third section houses a large storybook nestled in a weighty metal frame holder (which adds topple-resistant base stability for the overall unit). The book features slightly three-dimensional pop-up-type cutouts and printed text with a romantic excerpt from the story South Pacific, and the pages are surrounded with flowers, gold decorations, glitter-dipped feather-shaped decorations, and more. The centerpiece has been used only once by the Duchess of Grace, royal court member at the 2018 Krewe de Etoile Mardi Gras Gala Masquerade where descriptive comments by partygoers included ?spectacular,? ?beautiful,? ?exquisite,? ?jaw-dropping,? and more. Sturdy lightweight construction with removable parts allow for easy lifting and storage. Full table decoration package contains: 1 lighted centerpiece 1 large storage container 15 elegant mesh-covered battery-operated votive candles 3 additional battery-operated pillar candles (for a total of 6) 3 additional golden bird ornaments (for a total of 6) 10 gold-colored heavy-duty plastic plate chargers 10 gold-colored decorative-edged plastic plates 10 cream-colored cloth napkins 9 napkin decorations for guests 2 napkin decorations for person or couple of honor 2 gold tassel chair decorations for person or couple of honor 4 turquoise peacock decorations 1 box of additional round purple shatterproof ornaments 1 box of additional round green shatterproof ornaments For inquiries, more photos, video, and/or additional information, contact Sherri Tilley at 214-245-5382 or email link found at: http://sherritilley.com/about/how-to-connect-with-entertainment-journalist-travel-writer.html


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