High-five Bride And Groom Cake Toppers


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  • 2016
  • $51.45
  • High-five Bride And Groom Cake Toppers
  • Wedding Cake Topper
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These high-fiving cake toppers are too cute! The bride is blonde, groom is brunette. Selling as a set only. Priced to sell (they're $25 each on Amazon) in their original packaging we didn't even stick them in the cake (we had cupcakes), so they are as good as new. Unfortunately, that also means that I can't comment on how well they actually work in the cake. Their hands don't line up perfectly in this photo because the groom has a little pedestal attached to him for balance, whereas the bride uses her dress for balance. I hope you can use these for your special day, and look forward to hearing from you!


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