Fake Flowers, Rock, Vases + More


$ 75.00
  • Good
  • 2012
  • $200.00
  • Fake Flowers, Rock, Vases + More
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Yes
  • No

Looking for a small and inexpensive wedding? This is a GREAT starter kit to your wedding needs. DIY looking elegant but also cheap. Includes an arrangement of blue, yellow, and white daisy fake flowers, 60+ vases with candle tops and blue paper in each, tons of blue and clear rock (it was pricy when we bought it new), and random other yellow and white flowers. Random small blue and yellow bags (maybe 20 or so). The blue, yellow and white flowers cost well over $100 when I bought them new. Rock was from Michael's craft store and cost an arm and a leg. NOTE: The vases have a small printed "Prom 2011" or something like that, but we put ribbon and a sticker of the bride and groom on each one to cover it. No one knew it was even there and it added to each vase.


Will NOT ship. Must pick up. Too much to ship.

Pick up in Bradley, IL

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