Photo Backdrop- Handmade Flower Wall


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  • Handmade
  • 2017
  • $1000.00
  • Photo Backdrop- Handmade Flower Wall
  • Wedding Decoration
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PERFECT for showers, parties, weddings or for a venue owner or photographer with studio. Details: - 200+ man hours - 10?x 8?4" (120" X 100") wall with roughly 160 flowers. The wall can be set up to be 10ft high by 8ft wide or 8ft tall by 10ft wide - Each flower is traced, cut and assembled petal by petal and then the gold center is attached. - Each flower is secured to a 20?x30? foam board which was spray painted gold. Each board was then assembled and attached to a frame made of pvc piping which allowed the wall to be very transportable. (I?m only selling the flowers attached to the boards, not the PVC frame) - Flowers are extremely forgiving and normal wear and tear on these makes them look more realistic. - Each flower was made from high quality card stock which makes very strong, easy to store and last for years. PLEASE NOTE: 1) Buyer must pick up in Chicago 2) Boards stack nicely for transport and storage so an SUV should be sufficient if you want to make it in one trip or a car might require two trips 3) I can send more pictures upon request for serious inquiries 4) The photos show a 10'x10' ft wall but I've removed one row of flower boards for a future nursery. The pattern has NOT been interrupted as I took 1 row of boards (4 boards) from the edge of the wall


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