Pink And Coral Flower Centerpieces With Vases


$ 350.00
  • Custom Made Centerpieces
  • 2015
  • $760.00
  • Pink And Coral Flower Centerpieces With Vases
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Yes
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Centerpiece/bouquets - I have 10 of these. We used a few for bridesmaids bouquets simply by tying ribbon around them and let it hang down. They looked stunning! We used some as you can see in the pics in vases as centerpieces. Loads of compliments on theses in the colors of coral and pinks. These are so much more beautiful than the pictures can show. These were made for us by a local floral silk designer. We bought them at $45 each. Amber vases - The designer added a little bling to these. She charged us $11 each for these vases for a total of $1100.00 for the vases. 2 piece Centerpiece - we have 5 of these. These are off-white vases with flowers in them that stand in the middle of the light weight bases. They are trimmed with gold and coral ribbon and bling around the bottoms and bling all over the smaller base inside the larger base that the vase stands on. These again are much more beautiful than the pictures are captured here. We paid $40 ea for 5 - 2 pc centerpieces which includes the vases, flowers double stands. They are all very lightweight.



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