Wai-ching Eucalyptus Dress


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  • Eucalyptus Dress
  • 2009
  • $750.00
  • Wai-ching Eucalyptus Dress
  • Bridal Gown
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Absolutely gorgeous Wai-Ching dress, about a size 6. It's made of beautiful silk, a white-ish cream color at the bust and hips and then fading into rich green colors at the bottom. Chrissy Wai-Ching described the method as silk dipping in dye. The neckline looks strapless, but it has a sheer silk halter strap that is very comfortable. It's only been worn once, at my wedding, but that was a long time ago in 2009. It's in excellent condition, has been preserved beautifully in a dress bag, and Chrissy Wai-Ching still sells this dress on her website, wai-ching.com The cut is a very slight mermaid, tight town around the hips, but the silk is so light and comfortable it doesn't feel tight anywhere. It really is a dream dress that can be worn ALL day with absolutely no irritation or problems.

Worn once then stored in a dress bag


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Finding a dress that was beautiful and wedding-like but still unique and elegant.

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